Skylimit Tycoon

Screenshot from Skylimit Tycoon

Skylimit Tycoon is a game that is developed by Kendanware. Skylimit Tycoon is a simulation and management game where you should build and maintain a building with a population. The game will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You will not be able to tell what your population should do like in The Sims. Your population will make their own choices depending on what you provide with apartments, restaurants, offices, etc.


JSocksProxy is a platform independent open source SOCKS proxy written in Java. It supports both version 4, 4a and 5. The setup may be performed with a GUI or you may just modify the XML file with configuration.

JSocksProxy UI listen tab
JSocksProxy UI outgoing tab
JSocksProxy UI advanced tab



Autodomum is a lightweight Java based home automation system, which easily may be extended using Java or Javascript. Autodomum is built on Spring Boot and is running as a standalone web application.

The system has support for calculating sunrise and sunset depending on location and day of year, checking holidays and fire events that turn lamps on and off. The system is accessible via a very simple web interface.